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We have the know-how you need.

A1 Education


We are committed to providing engaging courses that educate and empower our participants to thrive in the cannabis and/or natural healing industry.  Our classes are aimed at providing inclusive access to the values, abilities and skills that will allow our participants to be successful in the preparation, launch and maintenance of their cannabis enterprise.

Our educational program includes curriculum designed by an expert team of educators and is carefully organized into "digestible" building blocks.  Please check out our upcoming classes and reserve your spot today!

A1 Facilities
a1 facilities.png


At A1 Good Tree™, we have leveraged our understanding of the value stream in the Cannabis and Natural Healing industry to propel us into industry-related commercial real estate. 

Through our state-of-the-art facilities, we intend to offer vertically integrated services to our clients with the best technology and techniques in cultivation, extraction, etc.   

A1 Delivery


We pride ourselves on delivering a user-friendly experience while you shop for natural healing and other cannabis products.  Our catalog allows you to quickly find your favorites in a new-styled apothecary that caters to your natural healing needs.

Whether you choose to pick up in store or have your products delivered to your doorstep, A1 Good Tree™ has your back!  

A1 CBD.png


A1 CBD is a division of A1 Good Tree™ that specializes in CBD products.  We have mastered cultivation and extraction techniques that allow us to deliver the world's best CBD extract.  We have even gone a step further by developing the natural healing products that includes our own A1 CBD extract.  Check out the CBD category in the A1 Store for a variety of our CBD products.  

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